6 Industrial Farmhouse Decor Tips For Your House


The industrial farmhouse decor style is an incredible combination of industrial and farmhouse style. Industrial style is the design of edgy and rugged lines. It brings unwelcoming and harsh feelings to those who visit the house. In contrast, the farmhouse style is soft and cozy. This is a great addition to the industrial theme. Thus, industrial farmhouse decor is a popular choice for those who want to keep the factory and warehouse idea within the house but blow a warming and cozy vibe to space.

There are different ways to decor your house with this style. However, due to the significant contrast of them, there is a high rate to fall in an accidence of house decor if you combine the furniture careless. The following tips might help you out to design your own dreaming house.

Rough materials are the key to industrial farmhouse decor

The soul of industrial farmhouse decor is rough materials. They can be exposed bricks of the wall, concrete floor, or less-honed tables and chairs. These pieces of furniture evoke the setting of the warehouse and factory with stark functionality. Therefore, to balance the look of the house, you need a few softer pieces of furniture.

Something that is homey and comfortable is a great choice. Fluffy throw pillows or tufted ottoman table covering can help the main area of the house look warmer. Additionally, a vase of flowers or some farmhouse wall art can balance the harsh of the other interiors. Furthermore, you can try a cozy sheepskin rug on the concrete floor to create a comfortable feeling.

Highlight the space with metal

Edgy and rugged lines make the industrial style. Hence, metal is an essential material in this design. Nonetheless, if you use too many metal interiors in the house, it looks messy and harsh. On the contrary, if you know how to use metal as an accent of the house, it looks more artistic and impressive.

You can consider using metal chairs in your kitchen or on the balcony. A metal bookshelf in the living room makes your main space inventive. The black chains to hang single shelves or lighting are the deeply industrial elements.

Metal is used along with farmhouse decor will be a great amalgamation. Add a vase with flowers nearby the metal furniture can reduce the rough of the house. If you use a metal bookshelf, farmhouse art putting inside the shelf can be a good solution. Moreover, you can decorate the surrounding stuff in white, beige to make it softer.

Vintage industrial farmhouse decor

A vintage style combines with the warehouse concept, is it possible? The answer is an absolute yes if you mix it with farmhouse decor. Victorian vintage was the most favorite industrial style. In fact, the Victorian Era was the home of the Industrial Revolution. As a result, the Victorian style was the main key of industrial design. Nowadays, this style is used popularly in industrial decoration.

In order to turn your house into a Victorian vintage style, let’s start with the famous texture patterns such as damask. This pattern can be used in the rug, table covering, or wall art. Additionally, a wall with exposed bricks can be a perfect decor for the house with this style. Adding some vintage portraits to your bookshelf or using an edgy metal interior are great ideas.

Lighting is an essential part of industrial farmhouse decor

Besides the furniture, lighting plays an essential role to decide whether your industrial farmhouse decor is suitable or not. The reason is that the industrial lighting system has vintage bulbs which are connected with rustic metal and the visible wiring. This design satisfies the high recommendation of using metal and exposed materials mentioned above.

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daisihome lighting farmhouse decor

Industrial farmhouse decor with lights

If you want to highlight farmhouse style with lighting, it is better to use the crystal chandelier in vintage style. However, be aware of the balance as this lighting design is better suited with large space

Solid unfinished hardwood furniture

Wood is the main material of a farmhouse design. Dark pieces of wood create a warming and cozy space with a welcoming and homey feeling. Tables, chairs, shelves, trays, or windows can be made with wood. If you know how to innovate these interiors, you will have great industrial farmhouse decor to light up your space.

Using unfinished wooden furniture is a common way to feature your industrial decor. However, there is just a tiny change, you can turn it into a charming house. Let’s try the solid unfinished hardwood furniture.

Unfinished hardwood has edgy and rugged lines with a rough surface that evoke the warehouse clearly. There is a variety of furniture you can consider such as vintage signs, barn doors, wall clocks, wooden coat hangers, and abstract wood artwork. To balance the homey vibe, you can add some softer furniture such as fluffy covering for tables and chairs, floral patterns for clocks, farmhouse design of wood artwork, and so on.

Rustic kitchen shelves

Industrial farmhouse decor will not be perfect if you do not give the kitchen design a think. The kitchen and dining space is where the family heart is, which is extremely important to farmhouse decor. Because the key of a farmhouse design is to bring a welcoming and homey feeling to those who are in the house, the kitchen is an essential part of it.

Rustic kitchen shelves farmhouse daisihome
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You should use reclaimed open shelves instead of cabinets, especially upper kitchen cabinets. These shelves make the kitchen look comfortable, yet simple and rustic. It is better to combine wood and metal as the materials of these shelves. Your kitchen will have a deeply industrial look.

Besides the shelves, you also can use unfinished wood furniture for the dining table, bars, and chairs. Furthermore, hardwood frame for wall art is also a considerable idea.

However, too much rustic wood and metal in the kitchen might vanish the homey feeling. Farmhouse style does its job in this case. Soft table clothes, floral patterns, beige color, white curtains, and sheepskin rug can balance the decor and keep the warm, cozy of the kitchen and dining space.