3 Perfect Country sampler farmhouse style ideas with wooden furniture

Daisihome country sampler farmhouse style

House design has its trends and out-of-date samplers. However, it is the same as fashion products, there are styles that stay forever and ever. The farmhouse decor is one of them. Wooden furniture is the key to warming feeling in house design. Moreover, this material used in decor recalls the memories of the barn and a good childhood time in the countryside. Therefore, it is one of the best materials used in farmhouse design. The following country sampler farmhouse style with the wooden concept will inspire you with your dream house.

Kitchen in country sampler farmhouse style.

The kitchen is the heart of a farmhouse design. It brings a homey feeling with a comfortable vibe. Furthermore, it represents family love when members gathering for meals every day. In order to keep that main spirit, this is a country sampler farmhouse style for your kitchen.

Kitchen in country farmhouse sampler style daisihome

Kitchen in country sampler farmhouse style.

As the meaning of kitchen to the farmhouse style, the dining table is the center of the kitchen. It is where the story starts and love spreads. Therefore, choosing the style of dining table plays a significantly important role. You can consider the dark wood table with wooden or metal frames and distinct wooden chairs. We enclosed some samples here for you.

A vase of seasonal flowers on the table blows the fresh wind to your kitchen and makes the air fresher, cooler. Kitchen tools in bright colors such as white, mint, or beige help to balance the decor. Additionally, cabinets and shelves take a lot of the kitchen space. Therefore, decorating it delicately is crucial. Wood with a strong texture is a great choice to fit the style of this sample kitchen.

Country sampler farmhouse style for living room

With wooden furniture, what we recommend to decor your living room is to use exposed texture. This is a great combination to create an impressive space yet welcoming feel.

The main table

A wall with partially exposed bricks in white and wooden decoration looks like a barn but in a modern style that never out of date. A table is put in the middle of the room needs to catch the attention of guests.

With this country sampler farmhouse style, you can use a raw wooden table to create a warm feel for your guests. You should keep it as raw as possible to show its rough beauty. Edgy lines do not matter but look style and impressive. You can use either split benches on each side or separate chairs. Instead of using a vase, it is innovative with a wooden box and puts flowers in it. This wooden box is not needed to be rough, you can have it honed to add a soft feeling to the table.


A special decor to the fireplace can make your living room outstanding. Hardware materials are the soul of this design. Raw or white exposed bricks wall is highlighted by dark wooden frame marks the warming feel of the fireplace. If you can find the broken blades from an old windmill, do not hesitate to put them above the mantel. This would make your fireplace brilliant.

A low table

In front of the fireplace, there should be a low table. There is no need to use a sophisticated design table, an old industrial cart can be reused as a low table with a rough and vintage but barn look. Dark table clothes can cover the imperfections of the cart and harmonize the roughness. It would be much better to set up a tray of books and a small vase with flowers on the table. To use this corner as a friendly and romantic scene, let’s use a sheepskin carpet on the floor, right under the low table and you can sit here to read a book next to the fireplace in the lofi music rhythm.

sampler country farmhouse style living room decor
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The wall decoration

If those decors above cannot fill your living room which owns a large space, let’s decorate it with another wooden spot. The ideal design is to use a wooden wall or a white painted texture. Keeping the main concept of this country sampler farmhouse style, the shelf is a recycled product with old texture and even scratches, old pain streaks.<

On the shelf, there is a need for wooden decor items to be matching and catchy. Hand-made decor items from wooden sticks or branches. These friendly materials are either easy to find or meaningful to the farmhouse style.

To not let the wall empty, a big size wall art hanging on it is the best option. It should be related to farmhouse themes such as animal, floral, or farm. However, you can innovate it with letters wall art to turn it into an interesting conversation starter.

farmhouse wall decor wall art canvas on shelf
3 Perfect Country sampler farmhouse style ideas with wooden furniture 8

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Country sampler farmhouse style for outdoor

A great country sampler farmhouse style does not focus only on in-house design but outdoor space, It cannot be perfect without outdoor space, especially the garden. In order to turn this garden into a chilling space, you need to use the right furniture and put it in the right position follow the main concept of the house.

A wooden BBQ table with thick sticks will be the best choice for your outdoor space and ensure the main concept of the house. Likewise, a rattan chair with a stencil throw pillow putting in the middle of the garden brings an ideal corner for reading. Do not forget to put a small high table next to the rattan chair for a mini speaker, water, candles to chill when night falls.

Wooden country sampler farmhouse style does not only bring a cozy feel to the house but also keeps the temperature balance. Moreover, it is easy for you to design your own space with hand-made stuff without worrying it ruins the decoration. This sampler gives you a rustic farmhouse style, simple but special.

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