What is farmhouse wall decor and why people love it?

What is farmhouse wall decor and why people love it

You might hear about farmhouse wall decor several times but you have no idea what it is, why people love it. Moreover, you are going to design your house and get recommendations from friends to use farmhouse style meanwhile you do not know what makes this style special. This article helps you have an overview of farmhouse style and the reason it becomes the favorite decor in many countries.

What is farmhouse style?

The farmhouse is popular for warmth and coziness. Some know more about it also mentions comfort and relaxation. With these words, you might be able to have the first feelings about this style.

Farmhouse style is an inspiration of the farmhouse building in the rural or agricultural area. The interior and exterior decoration of these buildings are familiar with the design farmhouse style, especially the farmhouse wall decor where you can see many items related to the house barn. It usually introduces a rustic, warm, traditional, and chic look. Moreover, farmhouse style is a symbol of the great combination of modern and vintage touch styles.

Idyllic mountain farmhouse style retreat in California's High Sierra

The farmhouse has many sub-styles. Among the diversity variation, there are some favorite styles that are popular.

They are modern farmhouse style which is less cluttered and more minimalistic. Moreover, the French country farmhouse is also a well-liked one that looks classy and romantic. The industrial farmhouse is also favored due to the fact that it is more masculine with an emphasis on repurposed commercial pieces.

There are some characteristics of a farmhouse style for you to imagine how it looks. Farmhouse decor is clean-lines, simple, functional and rustic furniture. Moreover, its interior and exterior are in a neutral color and basic material.

Why is farmhouse wall decor a favorite style in house design?

It is not natural that farmhouse wall decor earns a lot of love. Most people when designing their house want to create a cool, warm and cozy vibe so that they can enjoy themselves in their space as well as make it happen to their guests. Meanwhile, farmhouse style has them all itself. A farmhouse style is warm and approachable enough to bring comfort to anyone who stays in it.

what is farmhouse decor style
A corner decorated in farmhouse style

Additionally, the mixture of materials, colors, and pieces of furniture bring a pretty versatile style. It is a presence of the industrial and traditional style in one space. Farmhouse decor is inspired by the farmhouse buildings in the countryside. Therefore, it recalls the good old days with peace and pleasance on the farm with loved ones. You can be creative by playing with the amount of country inspiration you want.

Moreover, the furniture and finishes and organic materials create a feeling of home. It looks homely and friendly that warm your heart whenever you come back home. Likewise, your guests feel comfortable when they are invited to your house. There is a lot of wood in the house, the furniture looks aged, metals have dull finishes. They all add character and make your house special.

For more details about wooden furniture choices, you can see more here Perfect Country sampler farmhouse style ideas with wooden furniture

What are characteristics of farmhouse decor?

Farmhouse decor proves its attractiveness and value when standing the test of time in popularity among house decors. It has some featured characteristics that are easy to be recognized.

Old and new

mordern farmhouse style
Source: blog.modsy.com

Farmhouse wall decor is a combination of modern and vintage designs. Therefore, it is considered as the charm of old and new.

Farmhouse decor is usually about the older things which are antiques and repurposing things. Moreover, the decor of this style still remains a bit simplistic of the modern charm. It looks clean-cut lines and minimalistic.


farmhouse decor style mix 1
Source: warmcozyhome.com

Another signature of farmhouse decor is sophistication. Space needs to be sophisticated and not cliché. After years of being told that everything in a house needs to be in the same style, match, and consistent, you now can mix up anything you want in the space. They can be from secondhand furniture stores which bring the old look. Moreover, they can be from the countryside, the farm and the house barn where you grew up decades ago.

Bold hues

farmhouse style decor wild bold hues
Image via: pinterest.com

The main tone of traditional farmhouse decor is neutral colors. A nice off-white tone is the most popular one. Moreover, crème color remains common in modern farmhouse schemes. However, you can use bold and bright colors to enhance the modern appeal. This characteristic is in the throw pillows, picture frames on the wall, artwork and couch, etc.

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What to start with farmhouse wall decor?

The key to a farmhouse wall decor is to use the right colors and materials so that it can brings relaxed and welcoming feelings.

Choose neutral colors

neutral farmhouse decor style
Image via: foxhollowcottage.com

The most popular but symbolic colors of farmhouse wall decor are neutral such as beige, grey, white, or wooden colors. Moreover, they all can combine together and create layers. Additionally, you need to use different textures to reduce the depth of the space. It is a great idea to blend metals with woods and several fabrics such as cotton, canvas or wool. A small tip is to mix up the textures so that you can keep everything from appearing flat.

Use rustic material

rustic farmhouse decor style
Image via: pinterest.com

One of the significant keys to farmhouse wall decor is to use rustic materials. It is great to blend the materials and create a flat look. You can mix up metals while limiting it to three variables for each room. Additionally, you should need to bring the outdoors in. It is best to use organic materials such as the wooden floor, rails, hardware and architecture elements. Some other materials you can consider are wicker, stone, sisal, or rattan.


farmhouse decor style accessories

A corner with farmhouse decor style from various elements such as wall art canvas, flower vase, wreath…

Even though farmhouse style recalls the house barn, you should not go over the top to where you end up with the country look. Farmhouse style needs objects sitting around meanwhile it also needs simplicity. As a result, you should place a few things well to not make it overlooking. Furthermore, furniture should not match either in colors or the origin. It should give the feeling that all of them are from different places at different times.

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