Differences between the traditional and modern farmhouse decor

differences between the traditional and modern farmhouse decor

Farmhouse decor has become trendy and a favorite in recent years. It is the result of the special feelings that this style creates. A farmhouse space gives comfort, relaxation, and family feeling to those who are staying in it or even just a visitor. There are two most popular sub-styles of farmhouse decor which are traditional and modern ones. What are the differences between the traditional and modern farmhouse? Why do people love them more than other sub-styles? And which one you should choose for your house? This article might help you out!

What is farmhouse decor?

Farmhouse decor is a style of warm, cozy, and comfortable feeling. It is full of charm and character of being organized around a central notion of practicality. A farmhouse style looks country and balances the old and new charms. Moreover, it has a clean and warmhearted vibe with a stylish arrangement.

Farmhouse style is an inspiration of the farmhouse building in the rural or agricultural area. The interior and exterior decoration of these buildings are familiar with the design farmhouse style, especially the farmhouse wall decor where you can see many items related to the house barn. It usually introduces a rustic, warm, traditional, and chic look. Moreover, farmhouse style is a symbol of the great combination of modern and vintage touch styles. You can see more at the topic: What is farmhouse wall decor and why people love it?

The most important rule of a farmhouse style is practicality. When decorating your farmhouse space, you can use any pieces of furniture that you can find in the warehouse, house barn, secondhand stores, flea market, and so on. However, they all need to be handy and practical. Additionally, sophistication and style are maintained.

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The matchy-matchy rule does not work with farmhouse style. Instead, it should look like every piece of furniture evolved over time. It is important to keep the elements to not look like they are from the same store at the same time. You can use a few pieces at a big box store such as a sofa and mix it with some vintage chairs. It is totally perfect for a farmhouse living room.

Do not overlook is a crucial rule of a farmhouse style. You can bring various elements into your house and put them all together. Nonetheless, too many of them in a room must look corny and your room is not different from a flea market. Therefore, you should select the right elements for the right purposes and combine them in an old but new way. You can find some real nostalgic value items such as a car cart to display some books and accessories for the living room, bedroom. Or an antique armoire is the best choice for a pantry in the kitchen.

There are different sub-styles of farmhouse decor. Among them, traditional and modern farmhouses are the most favorite ones.

What is traditional farmhouse decor?

Traditional farmhouse decor is classic, vintage and rustic. It is from America and inspired by the farm homes of an early settler. This style brings the look and feel of days past. It is the simplified, minimalistic decoration molded by the surroundings of farmhouse residents and practical furnishings.

A traditional farmhouse has natural wood accents. Wood is a popular natural building material, especially in a rural and agricultural areas where farmhouse style comes from. Therefore, it must appear in any farmhouse space. They usually use barn board to highlight paneling and butcher block for countertops.

traditional farmhouse decor style
Differences between the traditional and modern farmhouse decor 7

The apron sink is the essential element of classic farmhouse decor. People say there is nothing that says farmhouse like an apron sink. It is usually porcelain and makes a great accent for the house.

The vintage vibe is an important feature of a traditional farmhouse. Vintage furnishings are all about the classic charm of this style. Moreover, if it is not in perfect condition, it will be the best element of the house. Additionally, you can use vintage lighting to enhance the character of this style.

Last but not least, traditional fabric plays a crucial role in class style. Fabric in traditional texture next to floral and paisley creates a great comfort to your house.

What is modern farmhouse decor?

Besides traditional farmhouses, modern style is a favorite choice. It takes comfort and relaxation as well as minimalism as the keys to show the charm of farmhouse decor. Moreover, a modern farmhouse usually used smooth lines, glossy accents, and neutral colors schemes that make it airy yet warm. There are some well-liked elements such as stainless-steel appliances, granite countertops, and sleek lighting. They make the space look charm, tidy and cozy.

When designing a modern farmhouse style, people usually put practicality above everything. They use furnishings and accessories that are comfortable and practical. These pieces of furniture bring a look of overtime.

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Moreover, a neutral color palette is a key to a modern farmhouse. As creme, beige, silver, and grey work well when putting in the natural elements. They help to balance the vibe and the look. While modern architecture highlights the depth of the space, farmhouse style brings everything to a flat. A modern farmhouse, in contrast, brings depth to the neutral palette with a variety of textures and keeps the space simple but bright and airy.

Minimalism is a characteristic of modern farmhouse decor. It creates a cozy but not cluttered room. Therefore, you should keep accessories to a minimum, use a neutral color palette. Additionally, modern or industrial elements can help your style current.

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What are the differences between the traditional and modern farmhouse?

The most amazing thing about traditional and modern farmhouse decor is the fact that they use different rules in designing the house but for the same purposes that are to create a warm, cozy, and family feeling.

The color palette is the easiest-to-recognize difference between the two sub-styles. Traditional farmhouse usually uses warm tones and neutral color. Meanwhile, modern farmhouse is more about whites, pastels, and off-white to bring a brighter space.

Materials such as wood is another difference between traditional and modern style. In a traditional farmhouse space, it is easy to see the classic and natural wood tones. It looks rustic and organic. In contrast, a modern farmhouse usually has sustainable wood and wood veneer. It offers an array of colors and stains for a lighter touch.

Furnishings in both styles are rustic, vintage, and distressed. However, the traditional style tends to veer more towards the antique side of vintage elements. Meanwhile, a modern farmhouse is more practical and lighter.

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Traditional and modern farmhouse decor is both unique and impressive. They utilize the rustic details of this style in their own ways. However, each style has its charm and vibe. While traditional style is more about warm feelings and dark colors, modern farmhouse tends to be brighter and minimalist.