4 Simple Modern Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas – Rustic Yet Chic


Rustic yet trendy, ultramodern yet farmhouse style amalgamates the best of old and new in a house. Modern and farmhouse seem to be opposite. However, modern farmhouse decor brings an excellent design to your home’s elegant space.

The clean lines, neutral color palettes of modern design mixes with the natural materials of farmhouse style deliver a timeless look. It either satisfies your wish of an elegant and simple space but cozy and homely feel. Let’s take a look at these inspirations of modern farmhouse wall decor.

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A cozy yet minimalist modern farmhouse wall decor for dining space

A large dining space in the contemporary design might create a cold and empty feel if there are no cozy accents. As a result, this is the right time to add some farmhouse features.

A modern farmhouse wall decor for the dining room should be a perfect gathering area with suitable furniture set up. The black dining chair with clean lines of metal combines with a split bench in the industrial style on the other side delivers a perfect contrary. This set of chairs is the best fit for a thick rustic wooden table. A useful tip is to decorate the table with just a few items such as a vase of flowers and beige clean table clothes. That is enough for fashionable yet homestead decor.

Source: decorordesign.com

A white wall with beige and black decor items can deliver a simply warming feel. Furthermore, it would be ideal to use thick and big wooden slats as the wall frame. White and wood tones are contrast but light and chic.

A vintage and chic bedroom

An ideal modern farmhouse bedroom is a design with the contrast of the ceiling and the floor. A wooden ceiling generates a cozy and comfortable sense. In order to mark the farmhouse style impressively, you can consider using a barn boards line with a rustic texture. On the floor, the modern rug is the best use to highlight trendy decor. A geometric rug in neutral color palettes forms a character-rich mix with the ceiling.

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Additionally, the bed style is crucial to the vintage look of the bedroom. A metal bed with crisp white linens dress will melt your heart. For a comfortable sleeping space, do not forget a few striped pillows. A quilt with a vintage texture is a perfect accessory for the modern farmhouse bedroom. A quilt of bold color in lieu of painterly florals and paisley delivers a contemporary look for your bedroom.

If the bedroom has enough space, you can put a bench at the foot of the bed. It would be great to have a reclaimed wood beam bench with modern black hairpin legs.

White tone living room with natural lights

Shiplap is popular with functional buildings such as barns or outhouses. In recent years, this style is trending in modern farmhousewall decor. The charm of rough-hewn wood slats makes shiplap a mainstay in indoor design. Simple furnishings are added to modernize the look of the house. It delivers a cozy and fashionable style with a crisp neutral color scheme.

living room farmhouse decor style 1
Living Room With Modern Farmhouse Style Decor

White wall matches the wooden floor perfectly. This white wall can be made from cement or bricks but painted with lines to make it look like the splats. Farmhouse decor cannot miss out on the rug. A light and bright rug with a modern texture is the best accent in the living room.

A small coffee table with a wooden surface and black metal frame form the modern charm of the living room. The contrast rule is kept by using the distinct sofas with beige linen dressed on. The throw pillows should not be in fluffy style but clean and simple with floral, geometric patterns.

Last but not least, wall art is the best accent on the wall of the living room. As the wall are white with modern charm, the wall art should be the farmhouse part. They can be the animals, barn, trucks, fields, and so on to illustrate the pleasantness of the farm.

Contemporary yet modern-farmhouse kitchen of a modern farmhouse wall decor

The kitchen is the heart of any farmhouse design. It represents the homey feel in the family gathering moments and spreading love through the meals. Therefore, putting a lot of effort into finding suitable kitchen decor is an essential and necessary part of modern farmhouse wall decor.

Exposed brick is a favorite material in designing farmhouses. It is a traditional but industrial feature that has an edgy charm. The kitchen wall with exposed bricks always generates a warm and comfy feel. Exposed brick alone cannot create the modern style. The rest of the wall is painted in white can balance the rough of exposed bricks.

farmhouse kitchen decor idea 1
Source: Pinterest.com

Moreover, hanging individual small shelves on the wall in black or white to contain the kitchen tools is a great idea to indicate the modern farmhouse wall decor. Likewise, the black metal light on the ceiling manifests the strong charm of the modern trendy style. A collective of old items from the farmhouse should be put on the shelves as an antique beauty from the memories. Also on these shelves, adding some antique signages to deliver comfort. They are not just the instruction to find tools, ingredients, and items in the kitchen. They all create a farmlike feel with the ultramodern yet ordinary.

Modern architecture seems to be related to minimalism with simple color palettes and clean, smart furniture. On the contrary, the farmhouse style highlights the exposed textures, thick and rough furniture. If you know how to amalgamate them two, you own the best of the old and new architecture.

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