3 Popular Farmhouse Outdoor Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Patio 2021


Outdoor space is where people get closer to nature, relax and refill energy. It will be great if you decorate your porch in a farmhouse outdoor decor. No matter it is a tiny patio or a large yard, our external areas are truly extensions of your home. A farmhouse outdoor decor can help you satisfy your love with this warm and rustic style. Additionally, it does not cost much while you can use second-hand items and rustic materials. Keep reading, we will show you how to decor your external areas amazingly with farmhouse style.

What is farmhouse style?

Farmhouse style has been a common and trendy architecture in recent years. It prioritizes simplicity, practicality, and rustic charm. Moreover, it reflects the aesthetics of rural architecture as well as countryside beauty. Farmhouse style creates a modern comfort with a cozy and stylish look.

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There is a variety of farmhouse furniture that brings a comfortable yet rustic look. This decor usually accompanies by practical furniture including the function and form. The easiest look we can see in the traditional farmhouse style is simple flourishes, weathered, worn look. Meanwhile, the modern farmhouse style includes natural materials and textures, warm neutrals, vintage accessories, and sleek lines.
Farmhouse style generates a warm and friendly vibe for anyone who steps into the house. It recalls good memories, connects people, starts a conversation full of gentle stories.

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Why do we need a farmhouse outdoor decor?

Perfect farmhouse decor is not only an indoor design. It includes the farmhouse outdoor decor. While indoor is the most common space for family activities such as cooking, dining, watching television, the outdoor area is where the more exciting activities happen. Family members and guests can have a joyful time with BBQ, festive and holiday occasions, parties and so many more in this area. Therefore, it is as crucial as indoor space to design the outdoor.

A decoration for a farmhouse outdoor is similar to a farmhouse indoors. However, due to the open space, it is difficult to design this area with warmth and coziness. Normally, people choose to remain in their original natural surroundings. What they do for a farmhouse look is to use reclaimed wood, wicker, and rustic touches.
There are different sub-styles of farmhouse outdoor decor. Most of them have a simple but friendly and rustic look. However, each of them has its own beauty and specialty that can make your house stand out whilst the welcoming feeling remains.

Summer patio refresh with farmhouse outdoor decor

As the summer is the best time of the year with joy and outdoor activities, we should prepare some space for a remarkable summer.

Main sitting area

It is necessary to have a main sitting area in the outdoor space. You can design it with a table and chairs or without. However, make sure you have a space to sit down and drink tea or reading books, welcome guests, and gather with your beloveds.

In order to have farmhouse outdoor decor in the sitting area, you should select the right materials with farmhouse-style ideas with wooden furniture. It is better to create a rustic yet natural look. In the center, a rustic wooden table with the height of a coffee table is the best choice. You can put a vase of seasonal flowers on it or a small plant for a green look.

Instead of chairs, you should use a hanging porch swing bed. Depends on your demand, it can use a single or twin bed size for this. It should be on the side of the indoor wall to use the ceiling easily. On the other side of the table, let’s put a bench which is made of wood. Some small single chairs might need for this area to ensure everyone has their seat. An important note is to not forget the throw pillows. It is the key to farmhouse outdoor decor generating a vintage look.

A rug in this area is as important as in the living room. You should choose a neutral color with a soft texture and easy to clear since it might get dirty faster than the indoor one. Furthermore, using some more plants around the main sitting area is a great idea. It helps to balance the rustic charm and brings a fresh vibe.


In the summer, a pool right in your outdoor area is what you need after all. Deeping yourself in the cool water in the hot and taking a sunbath is fantastic. It does not need much decoration in the pool area. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind when decorating it. You should use rough rock for the shelf so that it generates the rustic charm of the area. Additionally, there is no need for too much poolside furniture such as pool lounges nor pool umbrellas. A pool in the farmhouse outdoor needs a simple and rough look.

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Dining area

Having a meal in the outdoor area is a great idea for breakfast and dinner. If you expect it would be a happy meal with warmth, friendliness, and proximity, you cannot miss out on a set of dining tables that has a true farmhouse look.

A farmhouse outdoor decor for the dining area usually uses wooden material in a neutral color. Since your main sitting area uses a rustic coffee table, in this area, you can use a table that has a smoother look such as a round-shaped one. With this table, split chairs are the best choice. Moreover, it brings convenience when you need to move around the area as you are in outdoor dining.

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One of the priorities in farmhouse outdoor decor is the accessories. And dining area is not an exception. You might need some plants on the dining table. It can be a vase of seasonal flowers to bring a fresh look. Moreover, a small plant can suit the vibe.

Dinnerware Set for your farmhouse dining outdoor area should be made of wood or white and vintage color. It brings the perfection of the farmhouse dining area into your outdoor space.

After the cold time of the winter and spring, summer comes as a perfect time for you to spend more in the outdoor area. Let’s bring the farmhouse-style indoor out. A great farmhouse outdoor decor is a design that is based on the existence of the existed element and adding some rustic look with a cozy feeling so that everyone can be welcomed into this area.

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