10 Best Farmhouse Window Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your House

Best Farmhouse Window Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your House

Farmhouse style is a combination of comfort, relaxation and elegance. Especially, farmhouse window decor ideas are important as it connects the in-house vibe to the outdoor for a natural friendly atmosphere. Therefore, you should not skip working on the window look. There is a variety of farmhouse window decor ideas that you can consider to create a perfect house. This article shows you some suggestions that you can consider bringing into your house for a fresher and cooler vibe.

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Farmhouse window decor with curtain

A curtain is a useful element to prevent dust from getting into the house. Moreover, it allows you to control the sunlight shining into your house. More than that, a curtain is the clothes of the window that brings a better look to not only the window but also the room. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable curtain for a window.

The beauty of the muse with white curtain farmhouse window decor

This window brings a muse into your farmhouse space. The window arch is in white and matched with the bright beige wall. With this window, you should use a roll-ed-up shade in dark beige, cover by a white light curtain. It creates a perfect corner to relax and free your mind in peace.

Burlap valance curtains and the rustic look

If your room is a farmhouse space with a rustic style, this curtain is the most suitable idea for farmhouse window decor. As a burlap valance curtain usually has a dark and rough beige color, it creates an old look for the room. You can use it with the white light curtains as an accent of the window view. Moreover, there are some types of this curtain to choose from.

Side curtains for a romantic view

A side curtain with a lace pattern will be the best choice for your living room, especially for the bedroom. It creates elegance and comfort in your space. You can combine this curtain with some small plants on the window to bring positive energy to the room.

Adding a door to cover the farmhouse window as a decor item

Depending on the different designs of the window, you can take advantage of the door to turn it into a decor item. A farmhouse window decor can be varied because it is inspired by using old stuff to design.

This sliding door of the window can be a decor item. It has two rollers on the top to slide over a metal rod on the top of the window. You can paint the window door in white or keep the natural color for a rustic look.

Hanging a window in a window is a great idea to create a unique design for your farmhouse window. Instead of a curtain, this window brings a chic yet old look to your window. It is made of a wood frame, the pattern is metal and simple. This design should be perfect decor in the kitchen as the size of the hanging window must not be too large to be rough.

Faux window decor is a good alternative for a room without a window

It is important to have a window in the room so that you can connect nature and outdoor scenery. However, it is unfortunate that your room does not have any windows. A faux window is a good alternative in this situation. You can use farmhouse wall art to create a nice window and a touch to your room.

Farmhouse scenery faux window

The significant memory of a farmhouse scenery is the wooden house with grass fields and the animals. This farmhouse wall art is a good recalling decor to use as a faux window in your room. Looking at it is similar to open your mind to the peaceful view of the good old days.

Imagining that you open the window and an autumn forest is right in front of you is wonderful. With this faux wood window decoration design, you can make your dreams come true. Rustic and exposed wood frames make the window fit your farmhouse style. This is a great idea to decorate your room as a way to heal your soul.

Wooden framed faux window

Using mirrors as faux window decor is a popular idea. If your house is in farmhouse style, you might need large wooden bars to design it. There is a frame in which you put the mirror behind. Two doors on both sides bring a more real feeling and add a beautiful rustic look to the wall. This farmhouse window decor will bright your dining room or the bedroom.

This faux window is a great decor idea for the dining room. It is simply made of glass and wood. As the accents in the dining room are white, the wooden frame of the faux window is painted in white. You can replace the “Gather” with any words that are meaningful to your family. Two plant pots on both sides of the “window” harmonize the wall with a cool look.

Farmhouse window decor ideas with a letter board

Instead of using curtains, you can replace them with a letter board to decor your farmhouse window. All you need to keep in mind is to use a rustic and exposed wooden board so that it matches the farmhouse style. You can choose to paint the letters on a wooden board, or you can use the separated letters to put onto the board.

Farmhouse window decor ideas with a letter board 1
Source: homebnc.com

It can be single words that are meaningful to your family, or praying quotes for blessing. The letter board is put on the top of the window also helps to prevent the uncomfortable sunlight from shining to your room.

You also can frame the board as an option. It can be made of dark metal or exposed patterns for a chic and rustic look.

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